Yes, totally.



Seriously, I can’t wait 2009 to be over.
I’m kinda tired of 2009 like idk why too. Just feel that I accomplished nothing much. And I want to have new life new beginning and sortof start everything again. :/

I want to go play swing @ Simpang’s playground, Kite-flying @ Marina Barrage, Sun-tanning @ Sentosa. And, I want to accomplish all this with you, just you baby.
How I wish everything would be like old times, all over again. ):
I don’t want to be lonely for christmas this year, like seriously I don’t want. I’m not ready for lonely christmas.

Now, I officially hate 3D max. Totally hate it. I dread going for 3D like seriously!!. D:
HAHA, actually is just because I have not finish the homework yet. Imma procrastinator.
I hate myself for being who i am. Like totally. ):

I wanna have toned abs/tummy and skinnier thighs/legs. Slim-er face/defined jaw-line/smoother complexion and neater hair. This is my wish and to-do before 2010.! :D Wish me luck peeple.

And, I’m luvxz sick nao. Shermxz the Worm pangsei-ed me in Shingapore and left for Amelica. ):
HAHA. Los Angeles to be exact. Hurhur ._.




What me and Wilson do everyday in school.

For every reason i can get/think of, I must seriously thank my clique in class. Valissa Lim, Wilson Lai, Keith Chang, Nur Anesa, Clement Tan, Puan Weili. Thanks for everything! Everything you guys have done and helped me.!

K, and I nidda say something. I buay song if I don’t say. Argh.! I can’t stand my effing face.! All those acne/pimples. I going breakdown liaoxz.! I am/must do smth about it FAST!. D:
And, I want to change my phone too. Velly irritated by it. Tsk.!

I nidda to something to my appearance too! My inner attitude too. :D
HR here I am. Welcome me puhrease. :D




You're cutexz. (:

K, I’m super sorry if I’m bimbotic in this post.(:
Because I’m like effing high naoxz.!

Finally got to meet my sisters today! Super happy and still happy. Watched The Christmas Carol with th girls. Was not really a dope show thou. :/
But yep, learnt about Christmas thou. HAHA. :D
After movie we walked up to Sky garden and camwhore with Sjunior.Effing funny and cutexz.
Walked around with them and shopped. Nothing much to do over at Vivo too thou. Sigh.

Had Ramen Ten with Shermxz after th departure of Kel sis and Mints. Food was nice. Me like. (:
Walked over to Keppel Bay tower to collect Shermxz’s Sjunior’s lens. Haha! Camwhored there too!.

K, then me and Shermxz decided to slack at B&J. Hehe, our favourite slacking place. Whoop! Ordered Chocolate Euphoria.
Dope-ness. :D
K, and there were these 4 guys came and ask if they could join us as there were no seats. And we agreed.
They’re damn effing funny and cute i swear. We chatted like almost 2 hours! O.O HAHA. Totally strangers to almost friends!.

K, idk. I really miss those times in FB. ):
Really. Seriously miss all of them ttm. I think i really have to change my attitude I guess. ):
Sigh. Argh. But really can’t go back t the past anymore. Really cannot.


Bad Romance


Physically, Mentally.

Like really tired. Gosh. ):
Just “failed” my typography assignment. Argh, needa redo!
DMS filming is tmrw too. Kinda looking forward to it thou. :D
And, I’m super sad that Jasmine is leaving us. Omg. :/
Seriously will mizz her like siaoxz.
I should be labelled as Procrastination Queen. Keep on procrastinating lea me. Bad bad habit.!

& I’m going for massive online shopping very very very soonxz.!
wish my pocket good luck then!. Whooop.
And, nothing much to blog too. So sian. Argh!.






I'm sorry sydc. ):

I’ve failed for the Ngee Ann City Performance just naoxz. Sort of.
We performed twice for the performance just nao, en-chore (:
The first time, everything is good and great. But the 2nd one I’ve failed. :/
I fell down during the future dance routine. I was shock myself. But recovered kinda fast right after. (:
My butt still hurt thou. And, I’ve learnt a lesson.I need more practice and I need to chant extra nao. It’s an experience thou.

I’m happy that every of us enjoyed. And, thanks for asking me if I’m alright. :D
Thanks mates. Luvxz.! <3
I’m sorry to disappoint you all. :/


Isn’t the case.



It isn't.

Hello people. I’m back to blogging again. (:
Cause some of my dear friends urge me to. As they miss me blogging. So here I am. :D

K, had a very lifeless 2/3 weeks for school consecutively. It’s all about school school and more school. Super no life and so boring.
Okay, it’s not THAT bad yet. As I’ve got dance sessions/trainings with my beloved crew. Can’t wait for this coming Saturday’s Ngee Ann City Performance. :D
Had been watching Gossip Girls for these few weeks. Super addictive I swear. Argh!
But seriously I think my life is kinda similar to theirs. As I know I’ve gotten this habit of gossiping. HAH. Yep, still working on kicking that habit.(: But, I’m not as scheming as Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Hah. They’re super good-looking and filthy rich arse-holes. Haha. Opps.

There’s on little thing I wanna share here.
I don’t think I deserve all these. I’d been trying to explain myself and tried to listen to what you’ve got to say. But, you kept on avoiding me without any reason(s). And I don’t understand. All I can/say is I’ll just wait and let you cool down. Maybe time will change everything I hope.



Beautiful, Rich, Dangerous

And, there’s something I don’t understand how ‘friend’ this word work too. :/
I seriously have to figure how to avoid this kind of situation. (;
And, solution is: Don’t gossip to people you are not THAT close with. And, don’t ever gossip in school. Best is don’t gossip at all.

I’m super glad to have these friends with me. Really.
Sydc, Piglet, Xuan, Shermaine, Kelly, Jamie, Tiffany, Renee. And yes. I can survive with just these few good/close/best friends.


Photo 3476

She's the one who is there for me every second when I need her.


Image 123

My dearest sister which is forever there for me. No matter what. (: And I'm glad to have her. I really do. Luvxz.!