What me and Wilson do everyday in school.

For every reason i can get/think of, I must seriously thank my clique in class. Valissa Lim, Wilson Lai, Keith Chang, Nur Anesa, Clement Tan, Puan Weili. Thanks for everything! Everything you guys have done and helped me.!

K, and I nidda say something. I buay song if I don’t say. Argh.! I can’t stand my effing face.! All those acne/pimples. I going breakdown liaoxz.! I am/must do smth about it FAST!. D:
And, I want to change my phone too. Velly irritated by it. Tsk.!

I nidda to something to my appearance too! My inner attitude too. :D
HR here I am. Welcome me puhrease. :D



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