Yes, totally.



Seriously, I can’t wait 2009 to be over.
I’m kinda tired of 2009 like idk why too. Just feel that I accomplished nothing much. And I want to have new life new beginning and sortof start everything again. :/

I want to go play swing @ Simpang’s playground, Kite-flying @ Marina Barrage, Sun-tanning @ Sentosa. And, I want to accomplish all this with you, just you baby.
How I wish everything would be like old times, all over again. ):
I don’t want to be lonely for christmas this year, like seriously I don’t want. I’m not ready for lonely christmas.

Now, I officially hate 3D max. Totally hate it. I dread going for 3D like seriously!!. D:
HAHA, actually is just because I have not finish the homework yet. Imma procrastinator.
I hate myself for being who i am. Like totally. ):

I wanna have toned abs/tummy and skinnier thighs/legs. Slim-er face/defined jaw-line/smoother complexion and neater hair. This is my wish and to-do before 2010.! :D Wish me luck peeple.

And, I’m luvxz sick nao. Shermxz the Worm pangsei-ed me in Shingapore and left for Amelica. ):
HAHA. Los Angeles to be exact. Hurhur ._.



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