This question is a question that I want to ask from the bottom of my heart.
What do you actually want from me.?!?.
Argh, I’m tired of all these. I just want to get done and over with. Shingz

2595) i secretly wish that karma will get to the person i hate/dislike. don’t you feel that way too sometimes?

Sorry for feeling this way. I know if I wish other people to have karma, I’ll have karma too. But, I can’t help it.
hello, I’m doing this effing hard irritating UCD. D:
Sigh. I’m so sick and tired of everything that’s going on with my life. How I wish I could just disappear from everything and everyone. And just have the ‘leave me alone’ attitude. Fuck-everything.

Sorry for being oh so vulgar. But, Yea, this is how ‘m actually feeling naoxz. So yea. :/


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