So near yet so far.

Mixed feelings.
I don’t want to think about anything. But my heart doesn’t allow me to.
Seeing you stress, yet can’t help. I’ll feel stress and sad too.
Now that you’re happy, but knowing that it’s not because of me, my heart aches.
fml, idk what the hell am I doing/feeling/thinking.

Is there anyone can understand this feeling? I doubt.


I don’t wanna be friends.

A family now, and always

Xmas this year with my crew was a total blast. (:
And, First up I’ve got to thank all the seniors for making planning and all the hardwork!.
Secondly, my Jazz team mates for making up a wonderful slide show/presentations and dance. HEHE really luv our ‘SHIT’ dance.! :D
Thanks Kenneth for the gift. (Thou is I picked de. But yep! :D) And Niikii for helping me with my Tribal costume.!

2 days 1 night camp is not enough.
haha, thou I’m super tired from the camp and slept for 15 hours straight after I reach home. :/
But, I have camp blues. -.-

Tribal night was the highlight of the camp and it’s super funny when you’ve got a bunch of fun-loving/funny/steady/wacky guys in your crew to make it happen. <:
they are super duper uber wacky I swear. :D
& I’m loving every single one of them.


Get what I mean now?. HAHA


Our 'Mascot'.

HEHE. The chicken is super cute hor.! Nicholas’s gift for Marcus. And, they kept on pressing it and the ‘AHHHH’ sound all night!. -.- But, hehe super cute and me like it.

K, shall stop here and last but not least.
i wanna tell him/let him know that,

I don’t just wanna be friends.



This question is a question that I want to ask from the bottom of my heart.
What do you actually want from me.?!?.
Argh, I’m tired of all these. I just want to get done and over with. Shingz

2595) i secretly wish that karma will get to the person i hate/dislike. don’t you feel that way too sometimes?

Sorry for feeling this way. I know if I wish other people to have karma, I’ll have karma too. But, I can’t help it.
hello, I’m doing this effing hard irritating UCD. D:
Sigh. I’m so sick and tired of everything that’s going on with my life. How I wish I could just disappear from everything and everyone. And just have the ‘leave me alone’ attitude. Fuck-everything.

Sorry for being oh so vulgar. But, Yea, this is how ‘m actually feeling naoxz. So yea. :/





Yes, totally.



Seriously, I can’t wait 2009 to be over.
I’m kinda tired of 2009 like idk why too. Just feel that I accomplished nothing much. And I want to have new life new beginning and sortof start everything again. :/

I want to go play swing @ Simpang’s playground, Kite-flying @ Marina Barrage, Sun-tanning @ Sentosa. And, I want to accomplish all this with you, just you baby.
How I wish everything would be like old times, all over again. ):
I don’t want to be lonely for christmas this year, like seriously I don’t want. I’m not ready for lonely christmas.

Now, I officially hate 3D max. Totally hate it. I dread going for 3D like seriously!!. D:
HAHA, actually is just because I have not finish the homework yet. Imma procrastinator.
I hate myself for being who i am. Like totally. ):

I wanna have toned abs/tummy and skinnier thighs/legs. Slim-er face/defined jaw-line/smoother complexion and neater hair. This is my wish and to-do before 2010.! :D Wish me luck peeple.

And, I’m luvxz sick nao. Shermxz the Worm pangsei-ed me in Shingapore and left for Amelica. ):
HAHA. Los Angeles to be exact. Hurhur ._.



What me and Wilson do everyday in school.

For every reason i can get/think of, I must seriously thank my clique in class. Valissa Lim, Wilson Lai, Keith Chang, Nur Anesa, Clement Tan, Puan Weili. Thanks for everything! Everything you guys have done and helped me.!

K, and I nidda say something. I buay song if I don’t say. Argh.! I can’t stand my effing face.! All those acne/pimples. I going breakdown liaoxz.! I am/must do smth about it FAST!. D:
And, I want to change my phone too. Velly irritated by it. Tsk.!

I nidda to something to my appearance too! My inner attitude too. :D
HR here I am. Welcome me puhrease. :D