So near yet so far.

Mixed feelings.
I don’t want to think about anything. But my heart doesn’t allow me to.
Seeing you stress, yet can’t help. I’ll feel stress and sad too.
Now that you’re happy, but knowing that it’s not because of me, my heart aches.
fml, idk what the hell am I doing/feeling/thinking.

Is there anyone can understand this feeling? I doubt.


I hate it.


GDI. I seriously fucking hate cramps. It stop me from dancing for three days. D:
And, I always feel like being a guy for that one week just to avoid cramps. Thats how bad my cramps can get. Argh!
I’m like nin Studio A watching all my other crew-mate  do isolations/warm-ups. And will be learning new choreography later and I can just sit here and watch them dance! Damn. ):
Maybe next time I shall invent a pad that can absorb everything and confirm nothing will leak out. No matter how vigorous that activity is. And invent something that can keep your tummy warm all the time without emitting radiation, so that your tummy will feel warmth all the time and henceforth not feel pain. :/
I should have study really hard uh. And not regret now. Argh!  Fml.

I seriously need a session with Sydc-mates to train for our upcoming performance. And, damn I’ve yet choreograph anything for our 2nd junior exam. Which is suppose to be the more important one. Argh! -.-
I can’t choreograph uh. Tsk! I can only learn. >:/ Hate myself manxz!

I don’t understand

Seriously I don’t understand what are my parents thinking. Like seriously!.
I want to buy a new dance shoe and got rejected by them. Like wtf?!?. Dance shoe is a necessary in dance uh.
And yet they don’t want to buy. Like eff them.