I don’t wanna be friends.

A family now, and always

Xmas this year with my crew was a total blast. (:
And, First up I’ve got to thank all the seniors for making planning and all the hardwork!.
Secondly, my Jazz team mates for making up a wonderful slide show/presentations and dance. HEHE really luv our ‘SHIT’ dance.! :D
Thanks Kenneth for the gift. (Thou is I picked de. But yep! :D) And Niikii for helping me with my Tribal costume.!

2 days 1 night camp is not enough.
haha, thou I’m super tired from the camp and slept for 15 hours straight after I reach home. :/
But, I have camp blues. -.-

Tribal night was the highlight of the camp and it’s super funny when you’ve got a bunch of fun-loving/funny/steady/wacky guys in your crew to make it happen. <:
they are super duper uber wacky I swear. :D
& I’m loving every single one of them.


Get what I mean now?. HAHA


Our 'Mascot'.

HEHE. The chicken is super cute hor.! Nicholas’s gift for Marcus. And, they kept on pressing it and the ‘AHHHH’ sound all night!. -.- But, hehe super cute and me like it.

K, shall stop here and last but not least.
i wanna tell him/let him know that,

I don’t just wanna be friends.



Youth Ignite Concert.


Soka Youth Dance Crew
Soka Youth Dance Crew


Hello people! I’m back to continue blogging on Youth Ignite Concert.
K, Youth Ignite Concert yesterday was definitely a BLAST. I swear.
There were over 1413 people attended the concert yesterday!. :D
It was super dope and high!.
(At least, this is what I felt.)

Sydc is the last to perform last night and yep, we did brought the audience to a whole new highness.
All the screaming and shouting makes all of us feel like performing even harder for them.(:
Thanks people who attend the concert yesterday and friends/family who came down to support all of us.
Thank you guys so so much!.
And, we hope our performance did not let you guys down yea?. :D

The day before yesterday, which is friday, Jinwen told us something bout’ when you performance you must put in 100% and do full-out so as to let your comrades standing beside you feel you and therefore be able to synchro.
(Or at least something like that, hee).

And through chanting lots of daimoku, you can definitely feel your friends when you dance. And, it’s super duper true!. I almost had goosebumps yesterday. I can really feel everyone when I was dancing. Not as in really feel that person in contact. But as in feel each other’s energy.(: It is why I guess yesterday’s performance was the BEST out of so many practices and rehearsals. Whooopwhooop!.

And, Sydc is really very different from all the other dance crew outside. It’s not in terms of dancing skills. It’s in terms of faith.(:
We are all interconnected to one and other. And Sydc will always be there for you whenever you have any problems. They’ll be there to guide you, give you encouragements, and cheer you on. It’s kinda different from the other crews whereby their main concern is dance. Sydc’s concern is more towards each and everyone’s growth in personal life and studies. Dance is important too uh. Because we are all using our dance/energy/itai doshin-ness to inspire people out there. Let them feel that we’re truly happy dancing and truly enjoying the dance we are putting up and expressing ourselves on stage.
I’m sure lots of people are inspired by us yesterday.(:
And, I’m really really happy about it. We’ll cannot be, will not be and MUST not be complacent and will work even harder to put up a better/inspiring/energetic/itai doshin dance for our next performance!.
Sydc, wo men shi qi de!. :D

K, pictures next!.Enjoy. Not much thou :/



Girls. :D
Girls. :D
TangTang! :D
TangTang! :D

Tang Hui Xian!. Thanks for being there for me. :D
And asking me to Jiayou!
And all the laughters and joy you brought into my Sydc life on last thursday friday saturday. HAHAHA!.
All the congratulations tooooooo.! And, my new shoe! Whooop. :D Love you deep to the max!. <3
And, lets dance our way thru kosen Rufu kay?. Loves you!.


LINkDAr! My 'hongkong' friend.
LINkDAr! My ‘hongkong’ friend.

Hello ah hongkong friend! (: Thanks for guiding me on friday yo. HAHA.
And, making me laugh all the way on train last friday. And, thanks for making up for me yesterday! Hee. Bet you sure high if you read this.:D Love youu!. And, I cannot, will not, must not forget your name ever again!. :D


Audwey and fiobia!
Audwey and fiobia!

Hehheh. Special dedication for you two too!. :D
Thanks Audrey for her wonderful frizz-er. HAH and Fiona’s wonderful eye-lining skills.
Love you two to the max too. (:
Make my world go round and round, round and round. HAHA.
K, Audrey next time lets go shopping with Tang again kay?. Fiona, you better join us ah!. HAH.
Lets go Zhara again. *inside joke*


Marcus and Juihsin!.
Marcus and Juihsin!.


Karen!. :D
Karen!. :D

My cute senior in FB as well as in Sydc. Always take picture with her, we always want to stand on the left handside. Thats why our picture always like that. HAHA.! :D


Mark!. :D

Mark!. :D

Last but not least, I must thanks everyone who have been supporting me when I’m down and encouraging me.
I must thank Kherxin, Yvonne for helping me getting my leg warmers, Candy jie for helping me with my make up, Freddie for helping me straightening my hair, Sheral for helping with me eye shadow and nails, Fiona for helping me frizzing my hair, YingXin and her daddy for fetching me home after every practice, Jinwen&Melvin for scolding/correcting me on friday/everytime, Jinwen&Marcus for the constant encouragements and jiayou(s), Roy for all the magic tricks, Bao-ge, Jeremy, Freddie, Brian for all the wonderful, fun train rides. Jeremy for coaching me. THANKS EVERYONE :D
Whooop, I feel so loved by all of them. Hope they love me too uh. ): HAHA.
I love sydc ttm uh!. Nothings going to change it manxz! My heart will just grow fonder and fonder, grow stronger and stronger.!







Final Lap.


Hey, people! There’s a Youth Concert coming up this saturday, 17 october 2009.
7.30pm to 9.30pm. Please be seated by 7pm. (:
Venue at Tampines street 81. Singapore Soka Association.
It’s free admission! So, be there to feel and get inspired by all the performances.!

And, holidays are almost over, and I’ve yet have any rest. As in rest at home whole day. :/
Aights! It’s okay, because I’ve been dancing all holiday manxz! Whooos.
Sydc and FB practically fill my holiday with fun and joy and laughter.
I miss all my Khakis. :/ Xuan, Jamie, Zhenxin, Amanda, Renee, Tiffany, Thomas and more.

P.S: I miss seeing you dance. :/
Really miss you ay.

FB Exam.

My result slip. Marker is Priscilla! <:

My result slip. Marker is Priscilla! <:

Kay, this is my result slip. Thou I scored a result of 22/30 which can be considered not bad, I still feel that I can improve alot more.! I must score better for our next junior exam. I need to inprove alot on my highs & lows, my energy level and my control. <:
Thanks priscilla for giving me such high marks.
And ZhenXin brother did a great job uh!. I love the way he controls his body. (:
Very nice. And sharp. Good job brother.!

Kay, got to turn it early as I’ve got to work tmr. Sian! ):
Zzz, hope everything goes well for me tomorrow. Argh!. Rawr.

I seriously love my Lomo alot.<3


September 17, Fbodz. <:

September 17, Fbodz. <:

Had a mini Foreign Bodies Outing. (:
Was fun but not really super fun. 
The main point is, I enjoyed it ALOT. 
They're really a great bunch of friends and dancers and clique. 
Love everyone of them to the max!.
I guess only FB will bond with Seniors and Juniors to that extend. 
Like Seniors/Grand seniors/ Great Grand Seniors 
will come and hang out with us, 
teach us stuffs and share with us their experience. <:
Really appreciate it alot! Thanks Seniors, Bear!. :D
Oh! I'm loving my new baby, Holga Polga & Robottie!. <: 
They're both such lovely thing!.
Foreign Bodies FTW!.<3


Junior Group. <:

Junior Group. <:

DSC00155Peektures First. Caution! It's ALOT of peektures ay.

First photo @ genting!

First photo @ genting!

@ Genting shopping centre!

@ Genting shopping centre!





Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

My favourite darling! <:

On the ferris wheelThe DSLR effect I took from my phone. Lololxz.

DSC09873! <:


HAHA. Camwhore.

HAHA. Camwhore.

DSC09882DSC09885DSC09887DSC09886DSC09895DSC09898DSC09900DSC09902DSC09903DSC09905DSC09906DSC09907DSC09908DSC09909DSC09911DSC09915DSC09914DSC09916DSC09918DSC09919DSC09920DSC09921DSC09922DSC09923DSC09924DSC09925DSC09926DSC09927Finally. I’d finished uploading Day1’s picture. <:
6hours of bus rides was v tiring. D:
So tired and couldn’t sleep/rest well. When we reach the hotel room. I was perpetually shock. The room is super small ttm. Super disappointed and we kept complaining. Lololxz.
Argh. Super fun @ Genting with FB family. We shopped around @ the First world shopping mall. And we played indoor games. As we’ve got free tickets. And the weather outside is not very good, So we decided to stay indoors uh. :D
I think we all damn sadist. All crazy people. Knowing that the weather is super cold and freezing still insist to stay outdoors with our jackets on. Shivering and in the cold taking pictures. HAH. Damn sadist please. But, we all had loadsa fun. (:
Ate Marrybrown. Fucking disgusting food and the service there suck ttm. Like seriously, food there was OKAY. But, the service was seriously suck. Kept on complain and swear not to go over to eat anymore. Haha.! But, great experience luh.
Shopped around with the gang. Took photos and ate cotton candy. Super big and cost RM$2.50=S$1?. HAH.
Cam-whored with Rachel’s camera. <: (You’ll be able to view it in my FB.)
Had Kenny Rogers for dinner. Service and food was good. <: Had a pleasant meal there. HAH.
Had some childish/chill rides at night & not forgetting the exciting and fun bumper car. Super fun! We played for at least 2hrs. :D
HAHA.! I had lots of bruises because of the bumper car. But, I indeed had lots of fun uh!. Really a very bonding game with the gang. & Jiahao uh! (Do that I’ll look at you handsign) HAH. Keep on saying that I’m polar when we’re playing Polar game. Stupid.! Molecule game was a success. HOHO! Super duper ubur fun!. Yaya(Yahiro) kept on sabotaging Waihoe. Oh! & Waihoe’s 4 friend joined us in the game. HAHA. <: All from NYP too.

K, shall upload day2 pictures.DSC09930 Day 2! <: Xuan baby!. <3 her ttm.We scandal siol. :D

We scandal siol. :D