This question is a question that I want to ask from the bottom of my heart.
What do you actually want from me.?!?.
Argh, I’m tired of all these. I just want to get done and over with. Shingz

2595) i secretly wish that karma will get to the person i hate/dislike. don’t you feel that way too sometimes?

Sorry for feeling this way. I know if I wish other people to have karma, I’ll have karma too. But, I can’t help it.
hello, I’m doing this effing hard irritating UCD. D:
Sigh. I’m so sick and tired of everything that’s going on with my life. How I wish I could just disappear from everything and everyone. And just have the ‘leave me alone’ attitude. Fuck-everything.

Sorry for being oh so vulgar. But, Yea, this is how ‘m actually feeling naoxz. So yea. :/



What me and Wilson do everyday in school.

For every reason i can get/think of, I must seriously thank my clique in class. Valissa Lim, Wilson Lai, Keith Chang, Nur Anesa, Clement Tan, Puan Weili. Thanks for everything! Everything you guys have done and helped me.!

K, and I nidda say something. I buay song if I don’t say. Argh.! I can’t stand my effing face.! All those acne/pimples. I going breakdown liaoxz.! I am/must do smth about it FAST!. D:
And, I want to change my phone too. Velly irritated by it. Tsk.!

I nidda to something to my appearance too! My inner attitude too. :D
HR here I am. Welcome me puhrease. :D



Yes I am.

Yes I am.

Actually, I’m pretty much alright already. <:
I’m willing to face all challenges and obstacles that are in front of me. And I’ll challenge to solve and face them strongly and bravely. Thanks Shermaine Sister, Raisin, Xuan, Jamie, Zen, Marcus, Cherron, Keith for being there. Thou not literally, but yep I still appreciate it. (:
Thanks for all the encouragements and stuff. It really made me think alot and made me realised that
‘ things that does not defeat me, only makes me stronger.’
And yes, I’ll prove it.! I’ll prove to everyone of them out there that Jovelle will be a stronger and braver girl/dancer.
Thou I didn’t make it thru auditions this time round, I’ll work even harder, twice as hard and make sure I’m in recital in 2010!
JiaYou Jovelle! <:

I think I’m having  split personality like very soon. Argh, I can manage to cry out loud and laugh out loud at the same time. Freak! Omg, My daddy was like staring at me and scolding me crazy. HAH.


Comment me k? <:




I think there is some misunderstanding between us. I don’t know why the drastic change. But, I seriously don’t think I’ve offended any one of you. You guys seem so friendly in front of me. Yet, so unfriendly.
I’ve read your blog. And I know you’re referring to me. Seriously, if you’ve got any problems with me. You can just come tell me. At least we can clear the misunderstanding between all of us.
Isn’t it better than talking behind my back?. If you think that I’ve got a problem with you, seriously I don’t. And, I didn’t talk bad behind your back.
So, anything you don’t like about me, can just voice it out. <:


I'm totally stuck in a, d i l e m m a.
I’m totally stuck in a, d i l e m m a.
My mind spells D-I-L-E-M-M-A. And, it's true.

Sigh, I seriously don’t know what should I do. :/ I did foresee this coming, but did not know that it’ll be so sooon. ):
My dance practices crash. Seriously, I do not want to make a choice between these two. D:
Like, I really don’t want to. I love both my crew. Syd’crew & Foreign Bodies. Sigh. NMHRGK, I hope everything will turn out fine. Real fine.

Apart from that, my mind is stuck too. No ideas for my studio project. And, It’s like friggin’ due on 4 september. Fml.
Seriously I’ve got no more brain juices left. Anyone can donate?. >: >:
Kbye, go do my studio project first. Blog later.

Hate Hypocrites

truly, love.

truly, love.

Seriously, I don’t really know what is wrong with these people. Like to act very good, friendly infront of people you don’t like. I mean, whats the point?. If you don’t like that person, confront them. Tell them their problem. And let them have this chance to change themselves. And not talk bad behind their backs. It is not very nice to do that either. I’m not saying that I’ve not talk behind people’s back but, I’m trying to change this bad habit. If you choose to talk behind people’s back, you’re being a hypocrite then. And karma shall fall upon you. <: